Sunday, January 23, 2011


Okay so I've got it narrowed down to two cooking classes at Dish and I need some input as to which class I should take. The choices (with the class descriptions) are:

Good for What Ales You Cooking with Beer
According to an ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic inscription, the mouth of a perfectly contented man is filled with beer.

Curried cauliflower fritters
Spicy brown ale brined chicken wings
Pear and Walnut Salad with Wheat Beer Vinaigrette
Dill And Beer Quick Bread
Beef Carbonade
Guinness brownies with raspberry -lambic ice cream

Boot Camp Super Natural Baking
Indulge without the guilt. Ditch the artificial sweeteners, processed flours and fat replacers and discover how you can create wholesome, (and more importantly, delicious) baked treats made with whole, fresh, and healthy ingredients.

Biscotti al Pistacchio Marathon cookies
Chocolate cherry brownies
Fig and buckwheat scones
Supernatural carrot cake
Maple and wild blueberry coffee cake

Thoughts? Opinions? Please leave your suggestions in the comments below!

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  1. If I was choosing for myself: I'm not a baker and I like beer, so clearly the course that's "Good for what ales you."